Looking for These African Artists/Songs

Hi folks,

I used to be on a website called Rhumba Kali almost 10 years ago. while I was there I got an mp3 from a Tanzanian emcee called Hashim Bongo. I dont know if that is his correct name. All I remember is that he rhymes in English and his pops is a professor at some university in Tanzania. I've been looking for his material ever since and that why I decided to join this forum today.

I'm searching for material from two other African emcees, so if anyone would like to help me out I'd appreciate it. I've tried google and Amazon but to no avail.

Stuff i'm looking for

1. Hashim Bongo (Tanzania) - I dont know if that is his real name but he is from Tanzania and his pops is a professor at a university there. I'm for any material from him.

2. Nemo (Zambia) I'm looking for his album (I first saw him on MTV in the U.S.A several years back.

3. Theres is a song I heard a while back from an emcee from Mozambique I donno the artists name but the song has a girl singing the hook it goes something like... "I still got love for you...".

I'd appreciate your help with these items.

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