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    edited July 2010
    vindictive-o :D
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    Soory mate. Been awful busy. If you still down just send me a pm and will definitely get it done this time. Thanks
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    edited November 2011
    I got message to draw, wrap earth round you like faces on money you owe

    take ten paces , before i drown you, this ground ice, crack and soul that is froze

    you couldnt pose threat to the beetles, what could rep you human and all

    shaka zulu left you, you still rep south african after what mandela saw

    i rap bars, dont say i fan you, the conversation aint been rap through

    for the essence i say banned you, reality should have a match in your soul

    welcome to the wake up, vampire suck fuckkers in make up i should rake up

    raps to stay fat, fuck you in your stray facts need ARV's to stay sat

    Hard to believe i came black, drop the switches on your Grid map

    focus your minds hat, we dont believe it could even stretch flat

    kick this bitching off the channel radar

    , go somewhere u can say freely bout your wife that you hate her

    thats the position they put out your fake act,

    and a toilet you could accidentally fit your little stupid niece at

    say you produce, exactly, where your beats at

    i push fists through you, cant believe i had a beast fight
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