Lost Souls

Livin in the jungle concrete/

filled with regret/

wishin u didnt betray that friendship/.

wishin u didnt trust that snake/

bedroom eyes n brown thighs/

weapons the devil uses to entice/

we caught in the deadly trap of lust/

lost souls lackin faith/

gatepass to eternal salvation/

every tot seems sweeter/

quickest path to rehab centres/

lost in the wilderness/

tryna find ma way home/

seems i always fail that math/

cant seem to arrive at the right path/

constantly on the wild and crooked/

encounter brethren with thoughts thats wicked/

constantly schemin for that wealth/

thinkin its the key to happiness/

forgettin its all within/

u could be a millionaire/

and at the ceilin u constantly stare/

coz u now friends with insomnia/

a little sleep envision night mares/

u lonely at the top/

and theres no love below/

cant trust nobody/

coz to get to the top/

you had to stab backs/

lost souls yo


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