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the difference between rapping accapella and rapping to a beat is...

you listen to each syllable in the words at accapela and you rhyme that.

when its to a beat, you have to rhyme words at the drop of a hi hat, or kick and depending on your dictions flexibility, the amount of words you can drop in a loop determine how complex your style can be.

A Short loop gives multies and long loops give constructive sentences.

the average rap song is about 100 BPM and ussually gives 8 bar continums.

which means you have at least 6 sets of of 3 syllable words per loop for good sound.

can anybody confirm this????????


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    Lol On-point, but seems u hav proper knowledge of the subject so my guess is u need no comfirmation at all!!! But ja, short loops can also give way to constructive sentences in form of a collection of multies! But what do I know?
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    4 metronome tick equals a bar. a bar is one line in a rap.the length of the beat depends on the BPM (beat per minute). 100 bpm is a little fast. some people times their bpm eg, instead of 98, they'll do 89 times 2=178. u can use your hand snap to create the tempo for your bars. snap four times per line in any speed u desire, do it in your head or resonate the sound in your head and rap to it for your bars to fit perfectly.
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