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Ok im from zim, but I live in the U.S. Im about to drop a hot mixtape that's sure to blow up everywhere!!!!(I know uve heard this a million times)

But anyway I was looking around to see what other talent we have coming outta zim and I gotta say I'm impressed. I Heard rappers such as Carlprit(who's doing it big right now), Tek Neek(this dude's flow is amazing), Karizma(who's got the originality to him with a lil british accent but still tight), Munetsi(the legend), and a few others. If you know any more feel free to post. But anyway I just wanted to know how we go about making hip hop big in Zim. Not just that but how do we make Zim rappers respected and well known across the world. If anyone has an answer please help me out???

I mean do you think if we can all come together some how we can make it work. I mean talent is there, but what do we have to do??


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    There's too much selfish ambition in hip hop man, unity is a key but every 1 is on that comparitive tip, cats just wana do things alone man, but where ever cheese is involved cats will come running coz that's where the mice is at, lol i.e Zim needs promoters who wiling to inject paper into this art all in the name of love, and establish a movement through the best emcees known in the land, do promo cd's and mixtapes, shows and even charity events around the country. Just a suggestion, 1 love, shalom.
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    Where's that hot mixtape???
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