Orhtodox vs S.V.R ?

so this kid starts dissing (or tries to) out of the blues. i was like hunh? so i called my mellow my man my main dirt stain in bulawayo tryina find out what was up... coincidentally the little cock-a-roach was there...i told him straight up i aint get what he was tryina do...battled him over the phone, smashed him,his friend jumped in. i ended up being double teamed (as usual) but you know how i do...oh by the way y'all can ask metaphor in bulawayo to verify all this...so i read his plan and saw through it. kid wanted attention. turns out he been dissing everyone on some anemic 50 cent (Zimbabwean currency value). short story, i was in the lab doing the beast wars installment (had 5 or less hours to do it as usual) and had 10 extra minute. i decided to play chess on the dummy and this is what i had to say...now he doesn't know what he's gotten himself into...i hope he replies...SERIOUSLY....


Sidebar - reply to orthodox six 'diss'


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    to say i'm a fan is an understatement nesti dawg shit as always is tight but i'm not feeling da beef thing fair enough its not u instigating it but expected u to be da bigger guy lol otherwise dope lyrics cant say beef doesnt inspire lol despite it though we need to build
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    i hear you but i played the bigger guy so long everybody started mistaken it for something else.after all this is hip hop right?i breathe this.kid was starting to grow a big head too n'a mean?i had to son him...it's all love though.i done warned cats slave is a beast but they aint heard me. :P
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    And sunn him you did. He a studio 'wanna feed off othr's shine' kinda MC, with all these mini me's that run around lying to him. I murked dude and even went to his own studio looking for him but he was a no show. I even performed the track live with some of his mates in the crowd and no one did shit. Then he goes undercover and records that lame 'Munetsi aint ish video...and says he murked me...I was like pssshhh!!!! He has never been in a cypher, cant freestyle to save his life, and only appears in his studio to feed off the sweat of kings...

    I'm done with addressing him until he wants a head-on live collission
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