The Launch

Jus gettin' ready to launch this rocket of flows..

mystical like the pocket that glows..

never stopin' till i reach ma destiny..m the docket that goes...on

yep man m still livin' in the world of fairy-tales..

A christian who never meditates..

one they come runnin' to eat ma puke when i regurgitate

the magnitude of the take-off shakin' all the latitudes

the attitude of an ugly-angry-hungry-dude

thats how u describe ma multiples..

when i approach from the distance..about to diss them

foes trembles from they head to thier temples

the messiah a men-sire they respect the fire...with which i spit

words which i speak...exactly what they require

blessed from the medulla to the attire

wasted niggas deserves notin' but to retire

i need'em to sit down watch me and marvel.admire

as i go-off wit a boom...

whatcha readin' nigga go back home to yo boo...if u got any

cos the titanic is sinkin' the damage,Gigantic
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