a few lines

i skip like a stone ona lake ova the break

cuz im mad kid

brothers tried to do what i did

back in junior high cuz im fly with my vocabulary

ya know my skins to thick

he tried to cap me with my gun i caught the bullet with my teeth

so rap artist get ready to rumble

known to eat fresh wack cats like gumbo

ya dropped the ball one to many times ya fumble

with this rap wizardry im humble

too hip hop for sum though

spit to drum tracks

accapella freestyles to get ups like graff writers and fat caps

been in the game jamming artifacts to kris one with return of the boombap


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    edited September 2009
    You dont feature in my diss list

    I battle with the best you try put me in your wishlist

    I heard your mixtape,crappy threw it like a discus

    Dont have time for yall go an do sum lil kick flips

    Skinny jean wearin nigga with your fake kip kips

    Ugly ass nigga but you go an claim you mack chicks

    Go ahead cat i dare you ,come try to bite this

    Canibus said these niggas suffer from Hype Nitis

    My rhymes tight like a virgin ,come try f*ck this

    What you'll find frightenin is that now its got a virus

    My rhymes in Hieroglyphics and its written on papyrus

    Yeah its Anubis yo the son of Osiris


    Who saw the sun before the son saw the sun , thats me

    I do battle with sharks ,you little fish in the sea

    To be specific you the lil one , the silver sardine

    Stupid faggot ,in your room they found pictures of me

    Thats so disgustin lil faggot why u lustin on me

    I'll turn your life upside down like 180 degrees

    I dont precipitate yo but I will reign supreme

    Diss me , lyrical suicide , I'll make you deceased

    Remember its ANUBIS
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    edited September 2009
    wats hainin hommies, cats be goin outta control in d bitch,... no beef though n i dont like fish neither...

    i dont hold rain like roof top/ m'cs be hatin cuz i do real hiphop/ the phobia is wat them wack nigas's got/am d team's boss dudes be d masscot/

    my rhymin be ill n my ish be sick,

    take my shit 2 d hospital make it quick,,

    my shit be unknw cuz its out of d world,,

    my ish got a cock so its banging ur girl,,,....

    am so concrete cats cant crack this,,

    u try hard u'll be gone in a casket,,

    am so unorthodox, am thinkin outside d box,got hairs dat a barber shop, n park m'cs like a parkin lot, +plus i'll b d game ghost rider. spin rhymes like a spider, scare cats when i ride her,, dis is over doin it,

    few lines not alot, their all w'cs when they feel my shits' up side down,, they dont splash they just rebound,..,

    its wat it lukes like.
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    edited September 2009
    foot u got skillz kid im not en emceee but respect i just try lol
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    edited September 2009
    these cats is lame garbage stuck barnacle like starfish

    i keep it tranquil and easy for yall cats not to see me

    every word u lay down im catching a cough its starting to disease

    me at this rap ish u a preemie

    get off hip hop cuz we disease free

    been gone for a while but feeling that u need me

    cuz im nastier than a porn flick seen on tv

    ya rhyms pg

    im tripple ex ask ya girl im known for good sex,

    blew the back out she caught a black out

    the word next!!! is what i screamed out

    im too nasty

    when ya see revolt be sure to pass me

    my freestyle is too iccute yours is too cute to thrash me
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    edited October 2009
    Thanks volt ,appreciate it man
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    edited October 2009
    no doubt man i give cred where they do
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    edited October 2009
    yeah im here again, clown ass dudes is straight gelatin

    tired of comic rhymes no distinction in there punchlines

    im impatient like cats waiting in long lines

    when u see revolt spitten u know its crunch time

    curl up in a fetal dispositions is fatal

    doing it since subway grafitti and dj with spinnin tables

    my philosophy organic roots planted neva grow slanted

    like jeru know to cause damage

    i smack these fake gangsta emcees and da ones that think they above average

    known to split a cats cabbage

    what u saying is straight garbage
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