eh-yo check

my flows hot like d sun in the sky

N A S T Y,dats d name i go by

flippin mics on a regular,my style is so spectacular

on mics i show skillz,i'm so sick bt i dont need no


hate nasty,u can jump on my dick

i hustle hard,now my money long like my cousin's dick

i'm here 2 take this game 2 its peak wit my nigga new trick

in d streets,niggas catchin jealousy cus i shine like d head lamp of a car

i'm dengerous,tell d police 2 put me behind bars

in the booth,i can make d mic burn

i'm here 2 make it hot cus it's my turn

so perfect wit d flow,now niggas wanna know how i do it

aint no secret,i show hip-hop L O V E

soon young niggas will try 2 be me

in the hood i'm like a demi-god

i'm d master of this art,hip-hop is holdin my hand dat's y we'll neva eva part

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