Hip Hop platform for Zim

edited February 2010 in Zimbabwean hip hop
Sup to all the headz out there. Bin in this game 4 a while now and its high time we have a platform for all to see who is who in Zim hip hop. The circle is Ok bt only artists go there. Im skeeming a Mag will do the trick. Just like our S.A buddies we will have a CD every month with the mag. My name is On Point (O.P) and I make beats and record at home. Working with some of the cream of the Zim crop ryt now.... e.g.... ILLUMINATE, UP MOST, SYNIK, OUT SPOKEN, CHEEKS, FTR, MARC BLAZE, NAYE SEAN just to mension a few. There is no doubt that all these kats and more have what it takes to put Zim-Hop on the Map. Im willing to listen to other Em Cees out there and add to the material we have so far. The first issue shld be October as we still have to gather the rest of the resources needed for a quality Mag.... Will be in touch. O.P


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