alphabetic ryhme, continue 4rm person above u.

Am ready to crush mics like rocks,

Bit by bits, i eat wack emcees 4 breakfast,

Catch me? no a trap cant catch the wind

Drop yours but u can start where the first guy ends.


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    edited August 2009
    Empty the clip , on wack emcees floodin these threads

    F#ck im the shit ... im da nigga most of u dread

    God of the game fuck im leaving most of u dead

    Hating on me ,cum face 2 face , fuck is u scared
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    edited August 2009
    I ain't down wit this coz shit's played out

    Jus' drop it boys n' get fucken creative!!!
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    edited August 2009
    NO disrespect, but you were not forced to post so if you aint down better get the fuck up, b4 i sting my new bee ish on your kingly ass, it says continue 4rm the niga above, if u dont wana,... . . just view and hop out u musnt post, couzifer your royalty ends here dont attack us, no disrespect, just making it black n white, pick sum1 ur own size stop being a bully, goatward sory coward, cow ward.
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