strange Intelligence

I'm the superior intelligent

I'm shining like the sun in the firmament of learnin

I bound myself with the protocol of interactive thesis,

taking comfort in seeing myself in the mirror of Ecclesiastes

I exhibit sense of possessions, knowledge of paper and pen

bringing the treasure of grace and a scepter of my government

hear what you cant offer,more glorious shining forth of the son of righteousness

immediately after in the institution of supper, i signed it,i sealed it, i published it in the presence of many scholars

men of intelligence the wise men humble men attendance

messengers of convictions and terror that come to prepare the way

every word of ours is a word of wisdom,i give you all the new testament welcome

I send my message to your face hear my voice crying in the wilderness

from the shortness of human lives

we show part of learning in natural philosophies and politics,the general doctrine of the vanity of the creature

is laid down lemme explain it, I aint a lyrical salvage spitting nonsense like D banj

am Christ disciple,am destine to take the gospel to every length and bring bout change

listen, i break your intelligence, i break your defense
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