eljodi(Ready) vs capital-f(Pending)

Am the host here that makes you a parasite, the hip that i got make you hop out the site, am on top and you is hanging below before you battle me go reherse your flow, cuz i spit a boomerang to reverse your flow, my punch line are straight to your face like real punches, fractures your skill and your jaw crunches, i got flows and crazy bars, you'll get lost counting them like you are counting the stars, you is like a tv screen that has notin to show, am so fly when it rains i'll be the first to know, no doubt you spit fire but i the sun(son), i see farther (father) to give you a run, i know i gave it to you right now you aint got none left(right and left) , a pioneer show respect, a captin you a liutenant, you got little ish and u feeling ur self, if failure(f) is a state you are the capital, am not controlversal but i control my verse, i just murderd your ass and lay your body on the kerb.,


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