Mimic Truce vs MceeQ

house rules

consider this my sign in


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    edited August 2009
    Idont know house rules. just equal whatever i drop.

    fuck you for waiting on me to drop first. here goes......


    Q needs a gauge for wins, take this as a bar-o-meter

    Cos hiphop aint had a twin, just a whack cat in the mirror

    saying his rap flows, just tell me where to smear em

    when im done witha boards they'll need PONDS just to try clear em (ponds skin cream)

    .dont feed off my verse...
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    edited August 2009
    wat eva mimic u can curse all u like still gonna s-kill u....lol

    i have to stress ur gay antics do little to set da record straight

    with a flow as brittle as yours bones shatter and make a defeat hard to take

    dats why u called me out again for a second round KO like Canibus

    like its Cool to catch two L's when ur on da bill like Platypus/

    i will lay u under foot lyrically, your cannon fooder in da booth

    mo slept on than mimics face on a deathbed when he nailed da Heath Ledger look

    your such a coward u stay in your corner u couldn't find a better rook

    trying test me in chess see i Literally do it by da book

    Kasparov this lil nigga and author scripts worthy of your votes

    i'll cut this d*ckhead short with circumcised skill as Messy as ur gals deep throat

    or Barcelona's number 10 nutmegging competition with callous balls

    u should jus plant ur headstone so u actually reap(R.I.P) exactly wat u sow/

    u can put up your own verse consider dat my verse lol
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    edited August 2009
    Well...i drop first and asked you to eaqual my bars. I did 2. so what are the rest you did? "SUBS" ???

    i guess they can use your subs to vote.

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    Remember the voting link rule? Vote on a pending battle and I'll re-open this thread. That's for you both.

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