Skeptikstyles(4) vs. Ik-sl!ck(1) T.K.O

Old school, 16 fuckin bars, not all the 5 bar shit i see nowadays. 1st to 5 votes wins. No newbie votes. My eyes are heavy now ill drop afternoon but you could drop before then if you wish . Good luck.


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    32 Lines huh? Huhh?!

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    Came with toothpics, cause am bout to chew on skeptikstyles

    His insides stink, he full of SHIT, i call him SEPTICstyles

    (am) a one man army, get everyone in your ethnic ties

    Am bout to sin, cause ill leave this battle virgin, skep defiled

    Deceptive lies, is all hes got to type, he wack

    He aint no rapper, 'a police dog' couldnt 'find his tracks'

    Skeptic dont need a bed to LIE, your rhymes is truthless

    Like a sim card in a spoilt phone, Your LINES is useless

    You aint no true head, newbie(new bee), you aint used to the hive yet

    You looking at the Son(sun) nigga dont let your eyes melt

    Like FREDDY, slick *killing his dream*, im making him quiet (kill in his dream)

    You tried wrestling the REAPER, but you still cant fight death

    I put your 'skull' in 'line' With other dead mcees

    Just to put you in the 'head lines' before you rest in peace

    Ahh SOLDIER, i took some SHOTS but ik slicks still the don here

    Gay ass, you only take shots when a dicks in your fucked rear
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    And here was I thinking twas 32!! :(

    Anyhoo, here goes

    Take a shot at the god? It's heathen folly!he'll be beaten slowly!

    As I rearrange the presence of his inner spirit and then leave him 'holey'!! {holy}

    Listen, homie,lyrically? I'm releasing speech u won't find exploratory!

    To 'run test'? I gotta put ‘big feet’ down your ‘throat’ to test 'lap~oratory'!! {Laboratory}

    It's mandatory...u choose another career, u can't measure verse!

    Cos I'll give this 'punk chores to the chest' without a 'treasure search'!! {Punctures}

    The pressure lurch, I'm lighting whole ass up starry and thunderous!

    Then leave a mark on his fore-head that'll make Harry Potter jealous!! lol

    I'm renowned for 'poisoning' forums, he's best resigning before his heart stops!

    Cos Sl!ck has never dropped 'Vnorm',he was caught biting his last drop!!*

    So let the act pause,stop looking for applause, we scorn your rhyme!

    Or I'll shoot till doctors 'connect youtubes' and I don't mean your porns online!!

    And Slick ain't pickle,he's vein; I set ‘exams and tasks’ to riddle his game!

    Cos I detect ovaries in his vertebrae mass and my 'test tickles' his brain!! {Testicles}

    Touch crown? I'll astound foe as I pound his core with blows!

    Then 'seize Ik a live' the way he drowns us in 'boring flows'!!

    {Seasick alive'}

    *He was accused of biting in his battle against Vnorm
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    slick came nice but that SS came nicer slick ha good multis as i saw.but ss had sum good shit,wordplay and punches.slick could have got this if he made his shit a lil SKEPTIK'S GET THE W

    if not aight.holla at me

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    I'm aiight with the vote. Slick lemme know if u are too
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    @ iam. A rapper doesnt need to be too complex all The time.that way you appeal to a bigger crowd. The vote is ok though. I guess its 0-1. Uppin
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    opener: tie

    personals :slick(skeptic had some but i prefer slicks)

    multies: tie (they both were just ok)

    punches: skeptic

    flow: slick

    wordplay:slick (skeptic, ur wordplay is too forced, drains the flow)

    like the newbee line, thought skeptics puncture line wasnt bad either

    meta4s: slick

    closer: slick

    vote :slick

    not bad from both textcees though.
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    Thanks man, nice breakdown. 1-1. More votes yall.
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    Skeptik the f*cken imurkable!!! lol!!!

    rhymes and multis- Skep

    Punch lines- Skep

    Diss... A big Skep

    Word play... yes... Skep

    lol.... Skep

    Overal enjoyment... Skep.

    I laughed all the way through Skeptics item.. It was a bout amongst Gurus... Skept got my vote though..

    Ik... correct me bruv... but i dont think u showed up like u usually do.

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    Punches -slick

    Personals -tie

    Multies -ss

    Flow -ss

    Metaphors/similes -slick






    opener and closer wasnt in my original voting category but instead of splittin a vote i added them.

    Good battle..but it seems like yall was waitin 4 round 2 to bring ur A game....
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    Thanks Pro!


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    Thanks pro. Damn, am getting my ass kicked!
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    vote-ss nice batte 4rm both cats
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    Thanks, Eljodi.

    4-1. TKO

    Good battle Ik-Slick

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