Skeptikstylez(3) Vs Mimic Truce(0)

12 Lines.

good luck.

my bars equipped with sars stuff jaws with it

you'se a bitch heart, a stretch thong, stain from my pics

you'll get your gig bombed, like iran or raw-kus

yo weak bones dis-joined, yo slit ball's will leak whore

when i get yo clit torn, it'll get thrown like snort'll stick

i lick fists off,n hit missiles if this robot'll spit

but this machine soft, bet hell bleed pours from a malfunctional chip

how the fuck his cliq boast, he sint posts, i wipe my ass wit em

battle on all platues, x and y graphs or any reality mainframes

you'll get yo shit mamed!! the word is cremate, but i dont miss for details

i let your skin hang like abortion clinics punching yo shit in

this fagget wont win, fuck it, mimic's the baddest on this whole scene


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    edited August 2009
    Lemme state it officially.

    1. You need to call me out and unless I accept, u can't write a drop against me, unless it's a diss

    2. The name's SKEPTIKSTYLEZ, but if it's Skeptik then u referring to the other individual on this site

    3. I'm a Moderator not and Administrator, but I could wipe your posts with a swipe of the mouse,lol

    4. You don't call me nigger in a PM! No,no...PLUS

    5. You suck!! Bitch suck a fat one....
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    Ya brain's hostage to forty clips as I expose the faults in ya sloppy scripts!

    Choking ya bitch with so much dick! Still wonder why I'm called a cocky prick??!!

    Before this shorty speaks, know 'she was a nigger' who used to screw guys!

    So I'm here to set the record straight that he's hermaphrodite and that 'Tru Lies'!! (Schwarzenegger/ True Lies)

    With a fixed seduced smile, lipstick and loose thighs, numero uno of emcee frauds!

    Trying to kick a freestyle but was the 'butt of our jokes' like 'Bruno at the MTV Awards'!!

    No one believes him, we getting bored! His slow rhymes are like sedatives to the brain!

    Cos Truce couldn't near a mic unless on the internet where he gets creative with his name!! lol

    It's probative he's fake! Mimic Tru?? mmehh, an excerpt for sly ruse!

    To us your fruity drops tend to yield nothing, mate, except a 'sigh,Truce'!! (citrus)

    So pick fly routes, admit u couldn't win it son, u STIFF AND SUCK!!

    And your flow is like nuns on their period how "NO ONE GIVES A FUCK"!!!!
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    mimic truce-diss verse wit plain punches.personal aim at no one

    skeptikstyles-battle verse wit multis,wordplay,name play and other good shits

    skeptik'S overall enjoyment

    so skep get me vote
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    Skeptic gets my vote. His lines were hard hitting and on point. Liked the nameplays, multi game was also tight. A close one though but skeptic gets my vote.

    Ps. Imma call u out in sec. Got to get back to battling. Be warned!
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    Hey, I'm trying to close pending battles. So, if you aiight with it, I'm leaving this open for a week then calling it game
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    thank ya'll. got to see what i wanted to see.

    Skeptic -Win
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    fuckin killa.skep d last line had me laughin ma balls off. u got dis nig
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    LOL! Thanks, sir

    3-0. Closed
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