C-real of ghana robbed in Emcee Africa 2 grand finale

First, it was J Town who came out 2nd place in Emcee Africa, with controversy over the then South African held, South African won contest. As it goes this year, the final event get's held in Botswana, and yes, your guess is good as mine, the dude from Botswana won. This makes me think the next contest should be held in GH,

C - Real's good performances plus his position at the just ended Emcee Africa 2, just in case you're lost, let me let you in on the grand finale filla! C-real was adjudged the best Emcee to represent Ghana at the Channel "O" Emcee Africa contest in Botswana. This was set for 25th July. From information I gathered, C-real was extremely on top of his game. He bruised virtually all the cats in the contest to place himself at the very top. Then out of the blues, the Emcee Africa organizers decided that the top 2 had to battle Zeus (a dreaded African battle rapper). As the rule was, any one who slays Zeus will be crowned King. However, after C-real had floored Zeus better than the other contestant (which meant that he is automatically the king), the organizers again put up a battle between both of them to determine the winner again. As the practice always is, the home crowd went in favour of their own by booing c-real punchlines and cheering cybil nites punchlines which eventually put the organizers under pressure to place C-real at the number 2 spot hence "robbing him" of his obvious conquest. Count on me to get C-real into the studios to tell about his full experience. And hey! have u heard about C-real's welcome / victory party, well, it's on the this Saturday (venue, yet to be declared).

Read on as C - Real tells the EMCEE AFRICA 2 “Story” his way……

OK so guys.....the run has been made from May 9th to 25th July.

After another night of battles, punchlines and a whole lot of drama. The Emcee Africa 2 Finals came to another questionable end, just like season one !!

We started off with with the written performances which i ripped apart back to back. Then we went on to the Freestyle session where all Emcee's had to freestyle from A to Z using each letter as a word but still following the sequence of the alphabet.

I was the ONLY Emcee to complete the task from A to Z, while Nigeria's Black Jesus was the only one eliminated at that point. i think that is unjust and unfair cuzz they didnt give him any chance to battle the other emcees. so that put me in the automatic lead.

Then the one on one Battles were on. I killed and bashed my way through an army of dope BATTLE Emcee's and managed to Kill POINT BLANK (Kenya) and MARAZA ACE (South Africa) to reach the top and killed Cibil Nyte (Botswana)....Everyone battled everyone till it came down to the best two.

C-real VS Cibil Nyte.

After our battle it was clear who was in the lead, then the wildcard was thrown in by the hosts.....

We had to battle one of the dopest battle Emcee's in Africa, ZEUS..claiming AND judging from his battle rap pedigree from eating cats all day e'rday, he was definitely a battle rap god !

The target was whichever one of us (C-real or Cibil Nyte) kills Zeus the most got the extra points needed to take the 10Gees and the title home.

I went up first and when I was done with him, it was clear that the battle rap God was bleeding. Cibil Nyte also delivered a good fight to Zeus but nothing compared to my massacre that left the god stuttering and fumbling. There was hardly any Zeus left for Cibil Nyte to kill....

At that point....the crowd turned Ghanaian....EVERYONE was screaming...."Ghana ooo'..Charley", "Ghana ooo'..Charley", "Ghana ooo'..Charley", "Ghana ooo'..Charley".

That was the last objective for the competition to decide the winner.

IT WAS DONE !!! The presenters, crowd and judges knew what it was.........and who the winner was.

Then from nowhere...a faction of the crowd (Cibil's Fanbase) started screaming for an unplanned battle between Cibil Nyte and C-real again.

That's when it got unfair. My punches were ignored and the stage was blurred with screams whenever Cibil Nyte dropped a line.

It was obvious they didn't want the title coming to West Africa.

We finished up with that final battle and the new Emcee Africa 2 winner was declared at about 4am this morning by crowd pressure and he goes by the name of Cibil Nyte of Botswana




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    it is obvious that the 10000dollars is the main thing,,,well this confirms the fact that emcee africa 2 was a success especially when u feel the last battle is controversial. thats what we the fans want to see and when u say the 3rd season should be held in ghana , what do u expect the other countries to say ??? if one countryman wins they will also come out and say hey its because it was held in ur country. u even came second , what about the guys that didnt even make it to the finals? it was ok man...and thank channel o and co for giving hiphop and battle rappers a slot

    the only improvement i want to see is that channel o allows more 8 african countries to participate instead of just 5 . that is not representative enuff of africa,, what happened to tanzania and angola , and other hiphop nations? ?

    8 nations is ok for the finals. and they should allow everyone to battle each other.i am not happy that the nigerian cat was not allowed to battle in the final. i am happy that zubs lifeline was thrown cuzz it was very entertaining.

    lee kasumba ensure u bring other battle cats like mi from nigeria, proverb from rsa etc as twist jokers next season. zubs did very very well , i am impressed .

    channel o can do better tho.we look forward to a bigger more rewarding emcee africa 3 anyways. which will reward the 1st , 2nd and 3rd emcees. emcee africa 2 was a huge success, glitches here and there is just normal , no one is perfect.bigs up to channel o , emcee africa, mobi , lee kasumba, and all the 5 finalist. we luv battle rap!

    ps i expected that c-real should beat cibil nyte on a one on one battle, but for real cybil nyte can rap ! he deserves it ! well done c-real tho , u tried , u represented ghana very well. big ups to channel o. i am from nigeria but i respect c-reals performance in the final. he did very very well.
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    C-real was better @ Zeus but it's o.k they let the kid win...C-real is so talented and the kid knows it...He's the best of the five no doubt but the Kid got mad skillz too...

    Don't feel bad bout C-real not winning,he's a winner already...I can't believe he's from Ghana,i thought Nii is the only Ghanaian with Hip Hop blood in him...Ghana should be proud of him....He's mad dope...can't wait for him to drop his album
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    If all that is written here is true, then it was a very unfair thing to do in a competition - being biased and helping the contestant from the host country to win! I think that C-real was real sportive to let the matter go when there was so much scope for a fight over the controversial win by Zeus in the Emcee Africa 2! Let us hope we don't see such unfair practices like this ever again!!


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