Zambia (zed talk)

a few drops from Zambia!

Ba ka’amba – from ‘ba kalamba’ big person/man. Generally used to address either a friend or one whose name youu don’t know ‘ati how ba ka’amba’

Bermuda – Shorts. Has been around for a while! Still makes my list though

Better TV – a prostitute. [from a song by Danny of the same title. Remember, when you pay it will show!]

black table – a table laden with beer that has just been consumed

Chocholi – rather derogatory reference to a Chinese person

Consulate [con’shleti] – popular menthol cigarette

Damage – impregnate a female [of course, one would say impregNANT lol]

Dish – satellite TV esp. DSTv

Dizz’ – drunk. From ‘dizzy’, except its pronounced as one syllable

Father – used to call a man’s name you don’t know. Gained popularity around last year!

Gas – petrol/gasoline. Bus and taxi drivers are increasingly using this word for petrol. Interesting hey?

Ghetto – compound. [e.g Ng’ombe, Kalikiliki]

Gon’ga – noun. an imitation product. verb. To be swindled

Ku ma dizz’ – a bar/tavern. Or when someone has gone drinking, he has gone ku ma dizz’ [literally at the dizzy place]

Ku ma yard [yadi] – Suburbs. [literally at the yards]

Long nose – formal shoes with a long front-end. Used to impress tu mpopo in the ghetto.

ma packs – Opaque beer. Also known as shake-shake, blue print, brown or bulk.

Ma pint – Lager beer. Mosi and castle

Mahafu – Money. [from ma-half. When you get paid, half for mealie-meal, half to your mother, half for beer, half for repaying debts…. Catch the drift?]

McGyver – Using ingenious methods and simple tools and materials to fix something. i.e. a bit of wire to hold together your chassis]. From the popular 1980s TV series of the same name

Metre [mita] – a million kwacha. Origin unknown!

Mpopo – a girl/woman. Rather disrespectful

Paging power – having enough talktime to give someone a missed call [do you have paging power? I wanna get in touch with Queen]

Peter [pita] – Peter Styvesant.

Pin – one thousand kwacha. Origin unknown!

Short-time – a brief encounter with Better TV

Swine – a vest/waistcoat. Or sleeveless pullover.

Tropical [Tropiko] – Flip-flops. We used to say ‘pata-pata’ back in the day

Uli che? Nili che – Are you fine? I’m fine. From Nyanja ‘uli chabe bwino’ was shortened to ‘uli che’

Queen - mother

Yo-bali – a teenager wearing baggy jeans, a huge t-shirt, straight cap and making noise. Also called ama-yo.

Wire [waya] – an old motor vehicle in bad condition. From wire cars, the ones that kids in the ghetto play with

Zali – a hundred kwacha. Or a hundred thousand kwacha.

Yama - Popular term now used to for 'friend'. Bemba for 'Uncle'

Cable - Any pay-tv. e.g DSTv or G-Tv [from the US, i guess!]

Sub - Bus [an example of reverse slang, one of many]

Nof - Phone [reverse]

Tapi - Party [reverse]

gigo - I dont want

2 pulls - a small timeframe

Kaleza- I swear on my life

Ku bond- Home

Tong- Money

Kaboodo- Young person (probably from the cartoon Kaboodle, anyone remember the song 'Skinny malinki-dinky doo?)

Contravening - Any traffic offence

Shansha - Hustle, stay strong.

Zooker - Being a beer vulture

John Cena - really big local bunz

Undertaker - Cooked sweet potato ( because of the deadly choke hold that the Undertaker is known for)

CNN- A hairstyle ( I cant describe it well enough)

Egoli- A hairstyle (cant describe this one either!)

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