The hussle

'ereday i wake-up earlier than 'em damm bakers

b4 B*tches put on they daam make-ups

nobody gives me tactical sermons nothin' like day Break-up

yeah we the day-breakers//

I aint gay nigga this aint the LA Lakers

practical vision in motion,we the movers and the shakers

in educational instutions they give memos,

this is street fusion we make demos!

take'em str8 to record labels faster than niggas possed by demons

see if they can sign us up amidst all the tussle

scuffle on if they can't!! yeah thats the struggle, son!

grand-hussle we have to get-on

they were under excruciatin' pain in Babylon//

but we under even more elements its battle on//

bet-on if u can who will be da 1st out of the ghetto//

lets get-on nigga, u know the veto,make some doughnuts//

dollars,kwachas,Nairas anythin' is a bonus//

i can bone ass need be,,a hussler is what i be

warrrrup B? wanna b.......gangster?

amma b... your mentor,

yeah me.... the grind master//


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    edited July 2009
    eh-yo check

    i hustle from dusk till dawn,aint got time 2 rest

    cus i want 2 make it like kanye west

    rollin thru d street wit my hustle on my mind

    so 24/7 i stay on my grind

    so ambitous like jambites

    just like biggie,i want 2 be in the lime light

    and i'll be there soon cus i ryhme tight

    wats hustle?hustle is when u get ya money long

    so e/day i'm wrting nice songs

    gotta make it like twista so i gon have bitches licking

    my dick wit their tongues

    fuck these punks,aint gon stop grindin till i get my pocket

    filled wit paper,i'm gone now

    i'm gon see ya later
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    edited July 2009
    Im make say no time

    still grind,will find and stack mine,im fine

    im tryin,to make more bread than RIMA,blow like Hiroshima

    date adrianna Lima,if to be rich make me a sinner

    then ima Fry,So fly like banks,enemies get tha shank


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    edited August 2009
    i'll be the hustlers hustle, hustle constantly till ur muscle fibre snap, till ur runs click, till ur wings flap and bones krack, b syde hustler, ph hustler, hustle the whole nine yard plus 1 more, and wrap them mufflers, i hustle hard and get the papers, i throw in the air like water vapours, a boss in my own frame did you get the picture, hustle is the topic n i'll give u d lecture, we hustle by the hour, we do it for the power,cash be the grass and i count em with my lawn mower.
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    edited August 2009
    i strangle the mic in my attempts to make paper/

    step on the stage and spit rhymes hot like vapour/

    the hussle defines my struggle/

    i grind so hard i blow air out of my nostrils like aireosol steam/

    young but i kick knowledge like am sixty/

    raised in a hood where thugs play dirty and filthy/

    so i took my gun and promised him friendship/

    so if you want beef,i stay quiet and let him do the talking/

    ooh you a thug, bang ! now you rotting
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    edited August 2009
    it cant be hussle its just a huss without the E and L, that will be me check my name n tell,

    hussle be ussle cos h be hiphop, and yall nikas know we dont stop, hussle be universal be the u, in the ish,stress less hussle be the s in the bitch,grind ontop n below , grind fast n slow, consider me generous,i'll put sum bill on ur door,wrap em up like santa, follow my pattern, hussling per second cos 4 me its certain,money money money money, hahahahahaha.
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    edited September 2009
    Am to Pm even on whe weekend/im up early clothes dirty dont care make money/all im after hear d laughter brand new chapter/still survive as a rapper/glitz and glamour fuck all dese endtime pastors
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