The action «What are your XYZ!»

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The action «What are your XYZ!»


The International Solidarity Electoral Action!

We help American brothers to make informed choices!

Sending the text, each in its own name both presidential candidates in the United States: ... er/ask.php

Dear Barack Obama and John McCain! Think and name up to 4 November

a crisis of XYZ.

X - is the number of seats for the word «MORAL» in the list of factors (in descending order of their importance) that affect the stability of economic growth and development of society.

Y - is the number of answering the question, whose morality is in critical condition:

1. Top.

2. The overall.

3. Nizov.

Z - is the number of answering the question than to cure the crisis of morality:

1. Prjanikov.

2. True *.

3. Knut.

By calling the number XYZ, a candidate has demonstrated the sincerity of their beliefs and misconceptions. By refusing to call this number, the candidate continues to deliberately mislead voters about their intentions.


* - Ask participants to indicate your return address to respond messages been targeted. Special thanks for the translation of the original text in English and other languages.

(The text was obtained through Google translator)


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