i am back bitch

pussy i checked ur brain

and the only thing found was an immoderate impulse towards losin

so there is nothin peculiar in the fate u are chosin

cos i am about to wreck ur brain cells like a building marked 4 demolition

i know u will keep on refusin

co s ur skeptic ,cos my flows will keep ur brain septic,

and live ur so stupid that u go wash ur brain with antisepics,

so dont try to negociate ,

cos i aint gat no time to associate

my only mission is to terminate

wack ass like u


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    edited August 2008
    the katrina was lupiq slapped into a twister,

    ill rip this fag out his hipster

    fuck dat,y he nagging raps,

    lipps flagging chapped,ey yo, somebodys mommy crapped.

    n look how he lagged, his verses hardly bragg,

    he'll get twist the fuck back like red lipssticks he daddy packs

    react n snap, ill bomb through the roof and stomp you inside yo card made shack

    so pack a blade n come get stabbed

    get fucked till you cracked in half,

    cos my blades love to do get sharped if u cant lubricate my calfs

    you a crazy spade try n do math

    you a squat n fart that blew past, n damn you blew fast

    n i can see you...the sounds you make SARS

    you aint shit but a dead corpse that lived to to ride n sit quiet while made rappers raid cars
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    edited September 2009
    damn i just found this. i dont know what what made me stop killing this guy half way through the verse. i mustve felt my crucifix necklace on my neck. lol
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