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One of the reasons why I started this site back in 1997 was because I was a bit frustrated with the way in which people (including myself) were doing research on hip hop in Africa, collecting tremendous and unique amounts of music, interviews, videos and photos - only to bring them back to university where they would either go unpublished, or included in a publication that reaches a very select audience. Due to many factors, academic discussion and research is still a pretty elitist practice, especially in Africa.

So in creating I wanted to make some of the info, links, music and pics available to the community. And nowadays thanks to the fast growth of the web, most of the artists involved in hip hop in the motherland do have access to this material...

One long-time plan has been a Literature list of academic publications on hip hop in Africa. Most people doing research on African hip hop, sooner or later end up at this site and fortunately most of them do send a copy to our PO box or email.

So, at the occasion of the first African hip hop conference at Hardvard University in Cambridge (USA), let's kick this off!

In the topic below (or above) we will list ALL academic publications that we know about. You can add, but stick to the format and do not include newspaper/magazine articles or non-academic web publications. Any discussion about the literature please in THIS TOPIC (or a new topic if you want), not in the list itself.
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