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Yeah, welcome to tha' AHH boards forum, know your fellow forums and we gon' make u' feel comfortable! :D :wink:


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    hummmm.... Academics :idea: great Idea for a Forum. lol... now we got to get the educated people in here to have something good to talk about :wink:
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    You know what... there used to be a 'Research' forum here! But it was not used that much so we deleted it.

    Now with the recent conference at Boston, and some other things happening like a panel discussion at NY University on African hip hop tonight, I think it's time to resurrect the funk.
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    true true.

    an academic discussion about hip hop has been long due. people seem to think it's was gonna be something temporary (hip hop I mean) but it's hear to stay and even though it started in a tiny spot, it has spread worldwide in just 2 decades.

    I'm currently in the proces of setting up an organisation for the education and positive promotion of the hip hop lifestyle, so I'm check out this subforum often.
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